The Fumbletons!

The Fumbletons!

By popular demand, here’s an encore presentation of THE FUMBLETONS by our daughter Jess Erskine. Each short video offers up a cool household tip wrapped up in the adventures of a slightly quirky family who have come into possession of a magic button that summons some “interesting” helpers to their aid when needed. (Jess says the dad is sort of based on me, but – ahem –  I’m just not seeing that.)

We know you (and your kids) will enjoy seeing them all together one more time! And if you’re new to The Fumbletons, get ready for the ride!

PS. If you like these, feel free to email a note to Jess and let her know! Maybe we’ll someday get a Series Two!

Watch ’em now! (Note: Youtube sometimes puts an ad at the start of their videos, and we have no say over what ads they are… so feel free to skip the ad when that link pops up.)











4 thoughts on “The Fumbletons!

  1. I tried pinning something from the site ( to Pinterest, but it won’t let me. It says it can’t pin from non-HTML pages. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I’m guessing you do!!

    Just wanted to let you know!

  2. Oh my word!! Your daughter is amazingly talented! (but then you already knew that) I’ve just finished watching the first 3 episodes with most of my kids & the Fumbletons had us all howling. :oD Well done, Jess!

  3. We just finished watching them and they are great!! I posted it on my blog to help her out. Great job and we look forward to more episodes.

  4. Our entire family had something to laugh about when watching The Fumbletons…funny how Jess pinpoints just about every personality in our home!!
    Pinned to Pinterest, the link is the family image and connects to your site.

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