The Perfect Storm – Six Cobblestone magazines!

The Perfect Storm

Here's a great freebie for you: A compilation of all six magazines from Cobblestone Publishing exploring the same theme at the same time — the Perfect Storm.  It’s a look at a single topic, but from six different angles: the world of weather and how it affects us all. From extreme weather to strategies for coping with global warming to weather refugees, the Perfect Storm presents a wide look at an issue that is on everyone’s mind these days.

Included in this massive 280 page PDF ebook are the complete March 2012 issues of Cobblestone (American history), Odyssey (science), Calliope (world history), Faces (world cultures), Dig (archaeology), and AppleSeeds (history and culture)—gathered together in their first-ever digital debut.

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm – Six Cobblestone magazines!

  1. Be aware that Friday’s extreme weather articles contain direct references to evolution, its timeframes, and theories of the world “millions of years ago”.

  2. TJ, that is where “gleaning” comes in. Our suggestion, as always, is “Use what you can, and don’t use what you don’t like.” There are piles of great material in this that have no mention of any evolutionary theory. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water. 🙂

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    Thanks again.

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