Wilder Cave

Want to have a little adventure and explore a nice, dark, cool cave this holiday weekend? Check out this great video of Wilder Cave, made by Hans and Nathaniel Bluedorn (and crew) a few years back. It is GREAT and has a few important lessons to share.


4 Thoughts.

  1. Yikes…..That made Fat Man's Misery in Mammoth Cave look positively spacious!!!!!!  I think I got claustrophobic just watching it!  But I'm cooler now. :)

  2. That was really scary, even though you know they are ok because obviously you are watching.  Don't think I would be that calm.

  3. my two children just finished watching this video and really liked it. Just last week we were driving by the bluffs and there was a cave opening. We told them what it was etc. Our little Down Syndrome boy loved this video because he saw what a cave looked like on the inside. He’s 10 and this video opened up how they came to be and dinosaur, T-rex etc. All before 7 am. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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